Gems from the Freelance Writing Community



The freelance writing community has always been vitally important to me.

In fact, when I first started this blog I attempted to profile as many writing blogs as I could find in my Of Note series. (Sadly, some of the blogs profiled in the series no longer exist.)

Today, I’ve once more decided to highlight some of my favorite writing blogs. I’ve also linked to last year’s writing community post.

5 Great Posts About Writing

Here are five recent posts from some of my favorite freelance writers:

  1. Why and How Successful Writers Set Goals from John Soares at Productive Writers. Setting goals is often a step that freelancer writers skip. John explains here why that’s a mistake.
  2. You Don’t Need A Niche To Start A Successful Freelance Writing Career from Anne Wayman at About Freelance Writing. To niche or not to niche, for many writers that is the question. Veteran writer Anne Wayman tackles this common question with a common sense approach.
  3. Here’s the Definitive Word on What Writing Clients Usually Want by Carol Tice at Make a Living Writing. Carol’s blog has become the “go-to” place for freelance writers who want to earn a good living, and deservedly so. This post provides very practical advice that most writers should be able to follow.
  4. How to Win the Pitch When You Don’t Have One Ready by James Chartrand at Men with Pens. I’ve always appreciated the way that James Chartrand tells it the way it is. In this post, she tackles how to pitch effectively.
  5. Gamification: Make Freelance Writing More Fun by Jennifer Mattern. I’ve been following Jennifer’s blog for a long time, and I’m never disappointed with the content. This post takes a unique approach to making freelance writing more fun.

If you like this post, you may also enjoy my last look at some of my favorite writing blogs, Five Fab Resources for Freelance Writers. You’ll find five more great freelance writing blogs.

Your Turn

Do you have any recent posts about writing that you really enjoyed? Share them in the comments.

  1. Hi Laura,

    Another great list of incredible freelancers that I can learn from. I haven’t ever been to Jennifer Mattern’s blog and I’m delighted to be reminded of these other great colleagues in our field. I’ll definitely visit Jennifer’s and revisit my old faves. Sometimes life gets so full that I lose track of myself and don’t take time to enjoy reading my friends’ blogs.

    Thank you for bringing me back to center with this post.


  2. Hi John Soares,

    Your post (and blog) definitely deserved a mention. 🙂

    Hi Samantha Gluck–I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I can’t believe you’ve never been to Jennifer’s blog since it’s one of my regular stops. Thanks for your kind words.