Words Can Sell

selling words
Can you use words to sell your product or services?

The quick answer is “yes.” Words do sell. That’s what copywriting, content marketing, and many other writing-related marketing endeavors are all about.

But not all words will sell your products or services equally well.

One of the most popular older posts on this blog is this post, 25 Best Selling Words.

For a long time, I couldn’t figure out why this simple post was so popular. However, I do have a theory. I also have a few ideas about how to sell using words.

In this post, I share my thoughts about how to make words sell online. I’ll also share my theory on the popularity of the post about selling words.

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4 Lessons Learned After 7 Years of Professional Blogging


The WritingThoughts blog quietly turned seven years old last week. There was no cake. No balloons. No fanfare.

Yet for me, this blog started a significant phase of my freelance writing career. For years I had written for businesses in a variety of capacities, but I had not yet blogged for pay.

Since starting WritingThoughts, over 1,000 of my blog posts have appeared on over a dozen sites. Some posts I’ve written include my byline. Others are ghostwritten. It’s more than I ever imagined I’d write when I began accepting paid blogging assignments.

The important point is that I would never have been able to start a paid blogging career had I not experimented with blogging here first.

In this post, I’ll share four vital lessons that I’ve learned about paid blogging over the last seven years.

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Why Online Content Is Such a Big Deal for Businesses

Content Marketing ConceptWhy bother to publish content online?

Chances are you might be asking yourself this very question.

After all, you already have a website and you do get some customer inquiries through it. What’s the big deal about content, anyway?

Adding online content, such as blog posts and articles, is a bigger deal than you might think. In this post, I’ll explain why.

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10 Online Content Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make


Are you counting on your web copy for leads and conversions?

If you are, you’ll want to pay close attention to this post. Not every business that publishes copy online gets it right. You won’t attract customers unless you really understand content marketing.

In this post I’ll list ten common content mistakes.

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Three Pieces of Information Your Copywriter Needs to Do a Good Job

Copywriter paper hole

In many ways, copywriters are the unsung heroes of the marketing world. Well-written content can mean the difference between a successful marketing campaign and an utter failure.

But copywriters can’t do a good job unless they have the right information. And it’s up to the client to provide that crucial information.

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10 More Words to Cut from Your Writing


By Shanna Mallon

“In the digital age, short writing is king,”

says Roy Peter Clark, president of journalism think tank the Poynter Institute and author of How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times.

People don’t have attention spans for fluff. They don’t want to read language that’s verbose. That’s why, today more than ever, concise online writing is key.

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Why Original Ideas Often Fail


Clients want them. The search engines want them. Social media wants them. The Internet is all about original ideas, or so it would seem.

Yet often, the most popular articles and blog posts are not those with unique ideas. What gives? Why don’t original ideas generate more shares?

In this post, I’ll discuss my thoughts and experiences on why posts and articles with original ideas are not more popular.

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FAQ: What Voice Should I Use?


Clients are often confused about voice. I often get the question “what voice should I use on my web pages and blog?”

Like the answer to so many questions, the answer to this question is…it depends. It depends on who your intended audience is.

It seems that there’s a lot of confusion about voice. The voice you use on your web pages and blog should be the voice that your intended audience is most comfortable reading.

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Book Review: Promote Yourself

Marketing your freelancing business is important. I’ve been writing posts that stress the importance of marketing for over five years now. Perhaps that’s why I was given the chance to review Dan Schawbel’s new book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success.

Dan is also the author of Me 2.0 and the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book, but was not paid to write this post. I am not an affiliate for either of Dan’s books.

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Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul

Portion of fresh Noodle Soup

Writing can be a thankless job. Often, your immediate family doesn’t get it. Even if you do a fantastic job, no one seems to notice. It can feel like you’re all alone.

Really, that’s what Chicken Soup for the Soul, Inspiration for Writers (not an affiliate link) is all about. It lists common challenges many writers face.

I received a review copy of this book, but was not paid to write this post. I am not an affiliate for this book.
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