I’m Not A Writing Robot, Are You?

robotThe real truth is that even the very best writers need down time.

We need time to recharge our engines. We need time to update our skills and learn how to hone our craft. We need time to spend with our friends and families.

If we really do need down time, why do so many of us operate as though we don’t need any breaks?

We act as though we are writing robots, able to churn out copy on demand around the clock.

You may be in danger of adopting the writing robot mentality if:

  1. You routinely accept work that will force you to work overtime just to make ends meet.
  2. You can’t say “no” to a writing project, no matter how busy you are.
  3. Your friends and family are becoming strangers.
  4. Your writing lacks that special something that grabs the reader.
  5. You can’t tell where one writing project begins and another ends.
  6. You’re starting to have health problems related to spending too much time at the computer.
  7. You wonder if you even enjoy writing any more.

I’m Not A Writing Robot, Are You?

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  1. says

    I identify with a few of these. Not all but a few. I am getting a break in a few days to chaperone a class trip for my son… four days away!

  2. says

    Hi Laura,

    I am definitely not a robot! It is so easy though to be hard on yourself believing that you should be. I am often floored by all that others seem to be doing and I wonder what on earth they’re putting on their Wheaties! I can go nonstop for a week or so and then I have to do nothing, veg out and recharge.

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