I’m Baking a Blogging Cake …

… and all of you are my ingredients.

This is my answer to Liz Strauss‘s group writing project: What is Your Blogging Metaphor?

My metaphor for blogging is a cake recipe.

It starts with this blog, WritingThoughts, which is like the flour that goes into a cake. But a cake made up of nothing but flour is dry and bland. It doesn’t hold together very well.

I’ll need to add some eggs to help it stick together. Fellow bloggers like Yvonne, Matt, Jeanne, and many others provide the blog “eggs” to hold my blogging cake together.

My blogging cake is very dry. I need bloggers like Alicia, KWiz, Merry, and many others to provide the blog “butter” to give my cake just the right texture.

Next, I’ll need to add something to help my cake rise. Experienced bloggers like Gayla, Paula, Randa and many others provide the blog “baking powder” blogging expertise to help my blog rise.

My blogging cake is a little on the bitter side. Sweet bloggers like Lisa, Lillie, Harmony and many others provide the blog “sugar” that gives my blog flavor.

My blog needs some icing. Dream-catcher Mihaela is always ready to “top” off my cake with a happy dream. Perhaps you would also like to provide some icing?

Finally, without a little marketing oil, my blog would stick to the cake pan. Marketing-minded bloggers like Calvin help me find that necessary blog “oil.”

As you can see, each member of the blogging community contributes to my blogging cake.

Sure, I could put a bowl of flour on the table and call it “done” if I wanted, but my blogging cake wouldn’t be quite the same without interaction from you, my fellow bloggers.

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    This is a great metaphor – I love the way you’ve captured the contribution that other bloggers make to your own work – the interaction of ideas and words that make the mixture rich and help the cake to rise…


  2. says

    Fabulous metaphor. This really captures the essence of blogging; that it is not so much a static form of lone writing but a conversation among writers which makes the blog interesting and diverse.

    Thank you for including me in your cake – I’m imagining spice cake with butter cream frosting… perhaps because of all the interesting flavors, or maybe just because it’s my favorite 😉

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    Laura, I don’t mind being considered a “good egg” as I know I am a bit cracked. Thank you for mentioning me, but I did not know that I had such an impact on you. Cheers!

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    My blog is sweet! Yeeee! I am sooooo happy! Thank you, dear Laura! :)
    By the way, Lillie finished proofreading the SEO book and now you’ll find it on my site (pdf format). I’ve decided not to bother you, since Lillie is experienced enough with these things (being an editor and so…), but if you notice anything wrong, please do drop me a comment.

    All my love,


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    Yours truly “takes the cake” for one of the most creative posts I’ve seen! You are wonderful, and I’m so happy to be part of that sweet recipe! All of your ingredients are perfect!

    Have a wonderful week!


  6. says

    Thanks guys!

    I love having you all as part of my cake!

    Remember, it’s not just the readers I mentioned here that go into the mix, it’s all of us together.

    (Yumm, spice cake with butter cream frosting, you’re making me hungry, Merry!)

  7. Laura says

    Thanks Liz!

    I actually had been thinking about another metaphor, but when I went to your site I saw that someone had already thought of it (in your early entries).

    Now, I’m glad that idea was taken. I actually like this one better.


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