How a Good Headline Can Change Your Writing Success


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What’s the first part of a post or article that you usually see? It’s the headline, of course.

A good headline can mean the difference between whether a piece is read or not read.

How many books have you picked up simply because the title seemed interesting? If you’re like me, the answer is more than one or two.

If you publish web content, a good title or headline is more important than ever before. A book in a store or an article in a magazine may have an attractive photo or cover design to draw the reader in.

On the web, however, readers are much more likely to be scanning lists of many articles or posts. Your headline has to grab their attention or you’ve lost them.

In this post, I share some resources to help you write good headlines for online articles or posts.

Headline Writing Resources

Fortunately, there are some excellent resources that you can use to make your headlines more effective. I’ve listed a few of them here:

Your Turn

How do you make sure your headlines are strong? Share your answers in the comments.

  1. A headline is an ad within an ad. Great article. About 80% people read nothing but headline. If the headline refuses to captivate them, the rest of the offerings – no matter how great – is lost. Literally wasting good marketing/advertising dollar down the drain.

    I would like your comment on an article I wrote for Affiliate KB entitled Sales Copy That’s Too Good To be True. I valued your comments as you are a professional writer. I’m writing from a marketing person as well as an end consumer. Looking forward to learning from you.

    Thanks, Laura.

  2. Laura,

    Looks like you have some wonderful resources here! I definitely plan to check them out, one at a time, whenever I have a few free moments! It can never hurt us to learn the secrets for creating great headlines that will attract more readers to our content!

    Thanks for the helpful info!

  3. Hi Vivienne. I looked at your article and I think that you have a good topic.

    Hi Jeanne and Yvonne! I’m glad you found it helpful.

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  8. Good keyword phrases will give you a good position in search engine results, but if you have a poor headline, readers will ignore your site listed at number one on the page. Instead they will eagerly click on the site listed at number ten and right at the bottom of the page, simply because it has a more catchy interesting headline.

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