1. Hi Laura. A good portion of my work is ghostwriting. As a result, I rarely promote something I have written for a client as it’s well known that I ghostwrite for the industry and I don’t want readers making that connection,

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for sharing that. I agree that ghostwriting clients are less likely to ask you to promote what you’ve written. (Although, I’ve had some ask for it.)

  2. Unique, precise and simple content is what we, as a user, look upon for gathering quality information. The content writer should focus on the targeted audience while writing, with an approach on making the information simple and engaging. For content promotion, you would not see ghostwriters doing the double role, but a firm can provide that service to the client.

    • Hi Brittnee,

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. You’d be surprised at how many clients expect the writer to promote the content, although I agree that it is less common in ghostwriting.

  3. I consider content promotion a separate service (and really, a separate skill set for the most part) than writing. I think it’s important for businesses to understand that successful content promotion is a lot of work and can’t just be treated as an easy add-on to a writer’s job. (It doesn’t sound like you disagree, but I still think it’s worth mentioning).

    That said, I think it’s extremely important that any business with a blog or any other content marketing efforts make promotion a priority. I’ve wondered if people who have worked in PR might find themselves shifting into this role more and more over time, as I think more companies will realize doing it well requires as much time (or more) than content creation itself.

    • Kristen,

      I agree with you. Promotion is a separate skill and it is work. As you point out, promotion is important if you are running a business.

      One of the reasons I wrote the post is that I have run into the assumption from clients, more than once, that promotion should be the responsibility of the writer.

      It’s really good to hear the perspective of other writers on this topic. I think writers need to start asking about before they agree to the work.