Do Freelance Writers Need a Google+ Business Page?

Yesterday, I created a Google+ page for this blog and then I created one for my freelance writing business. The whole process took less than ten minutes–but right now, they are only shells. It will take some work to add content and value.

If I could do it that quickly, you could too. But should you?

So, do freelance writers need a business page? I’ll examine that issue from the freelance writing perspective in this post.

3 Reasons Why Freelance Writers May Want a Google+ Business Page

There are some definite reasons why freelancers may wish to create a business page using Google+. Here are some of them:

  1. Visibility. Getting business is partially about being easy to find. Google+ business pages provide another way for prospects to find you and there may be search engine benefits as well.
  2. It’s Google. Let’s face it, Google is a large powerful company. Since joining the social media fray last summer it has positioned itself (along with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) as one of the leading social media companies and it’s likely to be around for a while.
  3. Integration with other Google products. Google+ is designed to integrate with other Google tools and will likely include even more tools and options in the future.

3 Reasons Why They May Not

Here are some reasons why you may not want a Google+ business page for your freelance writing business:

  1. Time to maintain. Let’s face it, it takes time to maintain an active social media presence and Google+ adds one more thing to do to an already busy social media schedule.
  2. Possible glitches. Google+ business pages are very new. It’s unknown as to whether or not there will be any glitches. Also, Google will likely be adding additional features in the future, but again, it’s not certain what these features will be.
  3. How much do you want Google+ to know? I’ve seen several comments online from folks who don’t want Google+ to have additional information about them. (Be sure to review the privacy setting if this is your concern.)

Obviously, the concerns weren’t great enough to keep me from creating a Google+ business page myself, but they may be enough for other freelancers.

A Few Other Resources

It seems like many bloggers are rushing out Google+ posts. Here are a few of the most helpful:

Do you have a Google+ page for your writing business? Do you think you’ll be getting one?


  1. says

    Hi Laura,

    Interesting question about whether I would , as a freelance writer want a business page or not! A lot of pros and cons are going on on various sites about this, though people are mostly making their pages as of now.

    Seeing the scenario, I guess I would also make one for my writing blog, and other blog related to life and family as well. The problem I know I am going to face is going to be to manage so many of these pages.

    Similar to the fan page on Facebook- once we do make a page, we ought to maintain and keep it updated as well. In the same way, even these pages would need to be maintained- which adds to the huge list of to-do jobs and time-management, which always seems to fall short.

    I would be happier had the pages not come up- as whatever my works were, I was putting up on my Google+ profile as a tis. But, as everyone is into it- it feels like maybe it ought to be done as well.

    I still haven’t made one and thinking about it of now. In-fact am working on the banner for the blog, so till then I have time to think about it.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. says

    Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for weighing in.

    I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head–this does indeed add a lot of extra work. Still, it is another way for freelancers to get noticed and have a presence online. I’m reading more and more about potential SEO benefits too.

  3. says

    Hi Laura,

    I have arrived at your blog via a comment on another site. I found this particular post really interesting because of several issues I am currently facing.

    I have a couple of blogs but am trying to figure out which one I should use to promote my services. I recently purchased my own domain name (finally popped my head up from behind the sofa) but now I have that site ( my personal blog ( and a few others.

    My question is: Should I create a Google + page / facebook page / twitter etc for each one?

    This is a bit of a dilemma as I am confusing myself as to which site to promote.

    Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.


  4. says

    Thanks Victoria,

    I’ve seen it done both ways. Some writers use a “home” account to share everything on all of their blogs. Others have a separate account for each site they own. The answer really depends on you and how much time you have.

    Will you be able to keep multiple accounts active? Will you be sharing the same material on all accounts (which could make multiple accounts easier)?

    These are just some of the questions to consider.

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