Looking for a Good Writer?

Are you having trouble completing writing projects?

If you answered “yes”, you’re not alone. Many small to mid-size businesses struggle to write quality materials. In fact, even large companies sometimes need help.

Can you relate to any of these common scenarios?

  • You need to develop some training materials, but no one in your company has time to pull them together.
  • You’ve been planning to write that copy for your website or business for weeks. You know what you want, but finding the time to write it is another story entirely. You’re so very busy.
  • You’ve got a draft of your e-book almost ready to publish, but you know that it needs something. A good proofread would be nice. You’d also like someone to read it and make constructive suggestions.
  • You need some copy written for your website or your business. You know the basics of what you want to communicate, but you just can’t seem to get the words right.
  • You know that your website or business needs some copy, but you’re just not sure what to do about it.

If any of the previous scenarios describes you, then you are in luck.

You have reached WritingThoughts, the blog space for freelance writer, Laura Spencer. I can help.

What I Can Do for You

I’m available to:

  • Update and add polish to your existing business copy, your website, or your blog.
  • Research and create original content for your business blog that is relevant to your readers.
  • Write effective marketing materials for your business website.
  • Provide original articles for your online or offline newsletter.

In the past few years, Laura has published over 1,400 articles and blog posts online. I’ll put that experience and expertise to work for you. You can see some of those articles and blog posts here.

I can draw from my varied and diverse writing background to offer the type of writing and editing that your business needs. I will meet the copywriting needs of your website or business.

Projects requiring research or financial knowledge are no problem either. I’ve also created study guides and final examinations for a continuing professional education company and provides writing and editing services for a book production facility.

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My Experience

Laura Spencer is a freelance writer with over 24 years of writing experience. I’ve managed my own writing business since 2002. My current writing specialties include: business writing, copywriting, editing, and web content.

Before 2002, I worked for several Fortune 500 corporations developing online help systems, technical documentation, and training materials. Awards received include: an award of merit and an award of achievement from her local chapter of the Society For Technical communication. The awards were for work done on organizational newsletters that I edited.

Online Mentions

My recent work has been recognized at:

I’ve been published on and quoted by LifeHacker, quoted by Mashable, and published on the Men With Pens blog, to name just a few.


Recent clients include DesignM.ag, FreelanceM.ag, and Vandelay Web Design (to name just a few).

In the past, I’ve written regularly for Freelance Folder, DzineBlog, Know More Media, Everything PR, Freelance Writing Jobs (under Deb Ng) and b5media. I’ve also written articles for various other sites and worked with Carol Tice of The Freelance Writer’s Den to create a webinar series and an ebook.

From time to time, I accept materials (such as books) for review. I only write about such materials IF I believe that they are of interest to the readers of this blog. These instances will be labeled within the post.

In the past, I have written a handful of paid posts. Again, these will be labeled within the post.

Other Information About the Blog

Some posts may contain affiliate links. These will be labeled in the post.

From time to time, this blog runs Google Adsense advertising. The products and services depicted in the Adsense ads are chosen by Google.

You can read more on my disclosure policy here.