A Review of The Freelance Writers Den!


Over the years, I’ve noticed a real need for freelance writers to find more mentoring relationships with each other than can normally be accomplished through commenting on blogs or participating in social media. Freelance writers need specific information about how to succeed.

So, I went looking for a place that could provide both a chance for freelance writers to interact and an opportunity for writers to learn more about writing. Of course there are a lot of resources out there, but what I found was The Freelance Writers Den (affiliate link).

I’ve only been a member of the Freelance Writer’s Den for about two months, but I am impressed with what I’ve found. In this post, I’ll review the den and also provide details about a special series of webinars that I will be offering through the den.

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelance writer or struggling to take your freelance writing business to the next level, The Freelance Writers Den offers a good alternative to pricier books and classes. When I signed up, I was surprised to learn everything that was included for just $25 a month (the price at the time I signed up):

What You Get From Joining The Freelance Writers Den

The Freelance Writers Den is a resource developed by Carol Tice, who is an experienced freelancer writer and blogger.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for The Freelance Writer’s Den (affiliate link):

  • Weekly calls with some of the top names in freelance writing at no additional charge–You can also listen these webinars online at your own convenience (Which is what I’ve been doing). Each seminar includes an audio file, a transcript, and a worksheet. So far (at the time of publication), I count a total of well over 20 different ecourses. And of course, the number is going up as Carol adds new material. I’ve seen similar webinars and ecourses priced much higher.
  • Specialized Forums–The Freelance Writers Den has an active forum, available only to site members. This is the place where freelance writers run their ideas by other writers. It’s also a great place for networking and meeting like-minded writers. At the time of this review, there are over 700 writers on the forums. The forum seems to be frequently updated, and I haven’t noticed any spam.
  • Junk-Free Job Board–One of the biggest problems new freelance writers face is finding jobs that pay a decent rate. Most writers have to sort through dozens of writing job ads just to find a few that are worth applying for. Well, Carol has created a shortcut for den members. Twice a week she does that sorting for you and sends out the best job ads to den members. Admittedly, these lists are fairly small (hopefully it will grow as the forum does)–but the jobs that Carol finds are solid.

Overall, The Freelance Writers Den has some great information. Plus, it’s well-organized and easy to use. Carol even has an Orientation Guide for new members.

(Disclosure:This post contains my affiliate links. In the past, I conducted a series of webinars with Carol Tice through Freelance Writers Den.)



  1. […] FlexJobs. This is also a hybrid site because it functions partly like a job search engine. The site also allows you to create more than one resume profile. Each profile can be specific to the type of job you would like. You can also take skill tests through the site and include the results in your profile. The site also directs you to job listings related to your profile(s). I like the site because it’s geared towards those who need a flexible work schedule (which doesn’t always mean freelance). A membership to the site costs $14.95/month or $49.94/year. I was able to get a discounted membership through my membership in the Freelance Writers Den. […]

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