3 Types of Bloggers, Which Are You?


Recently, I read some great advice from my friend James Chartrand over at Men With Pens. Last week, James explained Why You Should Ditch Your Blogging Schedule.

James is right with this advice! And then again, she’s not. Let me explain.

You see, there are at least three different types of blogs out there. And, like anything else, not all blogs are created equal. The same advice does not fit all. (Nor should it.)

Different Types of Blogs

The three types of blogs are:

  1. Professional or small business blog (most freelance blogs fit into this category)
  2. For profit blogs and news site blogs
  3. Hobby blogs

For a freelance writer or small business owner the purpose of your blog is likely to:

  • Establish an internet presence
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Provide samples of your work

If this is you, James’ advice is spot on target. In fact, it’s better to wait and publish something really good than to publish something just so that you meet some arbitrary schedule. (Just don’t wait so long to publish something new that people conclude that you’re out of business…)

For bloggers whose blog is their primary business, however, James’ advice might not be so great. Sure, it’s possible to generate a profit from your blog without publishing daily, but in general, the really big blogs who make their money mainly from advertising (NOT from the products or services that they sell) need page views (and lots of them) to sell ads. For these bloggers (and those who would be like them), a schedule is still important.

Finally, there are the hobby bloggers. These people blog because they love to blog. They really don’t care whether they make money and they don’t have a product or service to sell. They’re passionate about their topic and often very knowledgeable. For these folks, James’ advice makes perfect senses…but they’re probably not operating according to a blogging schedule anyway.

Now that we’ve looked at the three types of blogs, there are two other factors to consider.

The Practice Factor

If you’re a writer, regular blogging can be a great way to practice your skills. I know of many writers who use their blog as a warm-up exercise.

Plus, we know that practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you get.

The Procrastination Factor

The other thing to consider is that without a blogging schedule, many bloggers would not publish at all. Since they have a natural tendency to put things off, having a schedule helps them to finish what they otherwise never would.

If you’re a writer who struggles with procrastination, you may want to hang on to your blogging schedule.

Your Turn

What type of blogger are you? Do you use a schedule, or not?


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    I follow a mixed model for our main company blog: (1) only publish useful and interesting posts and (2) try to have a useful and interesting post at least once per week. The other two blogs also have new posts generally once per week. Interestingly, the http://PreciseEdit.wordpress.com blog gets the most daily hits of our three – mainly because the post word count is much greater, leading to good search rankings. But, as you said, the content has to be great!

  2. says

    Thanks for the advice, Laura; I agree it depends, as I’ve seen all kinds of blogging schedules work well for others–but that’s because they all have different types of blogs.

  3. says

    David Bowman–Thanks for your comment. It looks like you’ve got a plan that works well for you. As long as you keep producing good content, I’d say stick with it. :)

    Hi Shakirah! That’s one thing that many people don’t realize. When it comes to advice (and especially online advice) one size does NOT fit all.

  4. says

    Hi Laura
    I definitely am a blogger with a schedule. I’m a very organized blogger, and everything is scheduled! I blog either once a week or once a day on the blogs I currently run, and that’s a lot to keep up with (almost 20 blogs).

    Because I’ve been blogging since 2000, I know that I can keep it up. Part of that is because I’ve already run through the blog topics that I’m not in love with anymore and I’ve found my blogging home with my current sites.

    Enjoyed your post :-)


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