25 Best Selling Words


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If you write marketing or advertising copy, the words you use are vitally important. For example: Would you rather have a car, or a new car? Would you rather have a solution or a proven solution?

Do you see the difference?

The key is to use selling words (which are mostly adjectives) in a way that is natural and not contrived.

Even if you don’t write marketing or advertising copy, you can use these words to liven up otherwise dull writing.

Selling Words List

Here is a list of twenty-five words to help you sell. (Use only when appropriate.)

New Proven Improved Guaranteed Free
Tested Pure Best Fresh Sure
Healthy Natural Refreshing Energizing Safe
Quality Dependable Secure Advanced Easy
Convenient Quick Instant Save Personal

Your Turn

What words would you add to the list? What words would you remove?


  1. says

    Another well-timed post. I’m in the middle of a grant writing class and the instructor stresses that adjectives should be avoided whenever possible. She quotes Twain: “If you find an adjective, kill it.” (She follows that with writing that we want to create “clear, concise documents”. That’s two in a row, isn’t it?

    I’d remove “tested”. Makes me wonder about the results.

    I’d add “effective” or “reliable” in its place.

  2. says

    Im happy I came across this cause everyone could use more buzz words to get clicks and sales. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel I’ll just use some you listed. Thanks

  3. says

    Great post!I’d love to suggest some other words too!here they go;

    high,fortune,don’t miss,immediately,miracle,magic,secret,refundable,popular,genuine

    Can think only of these words as of now!:)

  4. Laura says

    Wow! Lot’s of good additions to the list here.

    Hi Tammi – I really think that your grant writing teacher is talking about another type of writing. This post is about persuasive writing. I don’t have experience as a grant writer, but I do have quite a bit of experience as a technical writer. In technical writing we don’t use many descriptive words either – we just tell them how to do whatever it is they need to do.

    Matthew – I’m glad to be of help.

    Rampantheart – First of all, welcome to WritingThoughts. I hope to see much more of you. Second — great additions.

    Hi Vivienne – No. 1 and trusted. I like them.

    Mig – Clever use of one of the words.

  5. says

    I like your list but I agree that tested should not have made the list. The list almost needs to be the top 50 words that sell because we have found that their are more that make people buy than just the immediate keywords for that item. Like if you had and article about how to do something then hand the product for sale on that page. The ” HOW TO” might actually be the selling word because they feel the product will deliver what they need. Make another post for top 50 words that sell. That would be interesting.

  6. says

    Think you got secure in there twice, two meanings or twice as important?

    Presently thinking about how these can be sub-communicated. They’re good as in not words you’d expect a pitch man to repeat over and over, or are they?

  7. says

    It is not the language; it is the thought process that wins – every-time.

    No matter what is your language, you should [must] not forget that addictive writing require [and there are NO shortcuts] painstaking efforts, deep understanding of Human Psychology and even Deeper understanding of emotions.

    It is not the intellect, science, and technology that truly rule the world; it is, in fact, the wild, vivid, and boundary less world of emotions, desire, and ambitions that controls the world.

    Addictive reading requires painstaking efforts, and originality – if the reader feels marks of another writer in your book, it begins the countdown of your writing career. Walk with the reader’s neurons, and the reader follows you.

  8. Christian Paul C. Reyes says

    Writing is just expressing what you are…
    It is also seeing yourself, like in a mirror.
    Words are endless, not really what are on those dictionaries but about what and who you are too be in this world…


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